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The scale of GDP calculation refers to the collective resources required to calculate the GDP of a country. The resources could be expressed in monetary terms, person-hours per year, full-time-equivalent employees, etc.

United States

Staffing levels of statistical agencies for fiscal year 2017:[1]

Agency Total Full-time permanent Other than full-time permanent Statisticians Economists Research scientists Other statistical personnel
Bureau of Labor Statistics 2,588 2,167 421 168 1,216 6 446
Bureau of Economic Analysis 527 509 18 12 338 0 53
Census Bureau 14,332 6,551 7,781 2,311 84 0 0

The people who work at these agencies don't all work to calculate the GDP all the time, and these aren't the only agencies that work to calculate the GDP (as a lot of the data comes from individuals and firms that report to these agencies).

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