Jeffrey Sachs

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Jeffrey Sachs is an American economist. He supports spending more on aid, and generally believes that infrastructure and education should be given away and that poor people should be oriented into what is good for them. Sachs commented that poor countries are poor because they are hot, infertile, infested by malaria, often landlocked, and lack investment to help them overcome those endemic problems. He argues that, as these countries are poor, they cannot pay for the investments, falling into what is known as “poverty trap.” He believes that poor countries have the potential to become rich but they need one big push of investment to free them from stagnation..[1]

Sachs holds the theory that poor people are stuck in a health-based poverty trap. He emphasizes the burden of malaria, pointing that countries in which a large fraction of the population is exposed to that disease are much poorer than countries where no one today gets malaria. Hachs advocates for free bed-net distribution


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