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Maddison Project

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Data dimensions and metrics
The data presented in the Maddison Project database is a partial function where:
* The inputs (the dimensions) are region (usually, country ) and year.
* The metrics include:
** Population: Included in
==== Country Region dimension ====
The country region dimension includes most modern countries, but also includes historical countries (such as the former USSR) and regions within countries (such as centre-north Italy) for which it is easier to get historical data than their modern country equivalents. The working paper says:<ref name=maddison-project-2013-update/>
{{quotation|A related issue is that historical estimates often refer to different territorial entities than the countries within the borders of 1990, the basic unit of account used in the Maddison framework. He made many corrections for (minor) changes in borders (an overview will be provided in future work). However, moving back in time sometimes means that we have only estimates for Northern Italy (instead of Italy as a whole), for Holland (Netherlands) or for the Cape Colony (South Africa). When those smaller regions represented less than two-third of the population and/or the GDP of the modern country (within current borders), we have presented the estimates in italics to warn users.}}
==== Other information ====
As mentioned in connection with the country region dimension, italics and bold are used for some cells.
Notes are added for some estimates, that are visible by hovering over the cell in spreadsheet software. A triangle at the top right of a cell indicates that there are notes for that cell.

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